The End of Democracy?

The End of Democracy?

I hardly think so.  As a matter of personal feelings, it might just be the turning point that brings democracy back into focus for this country!

Here’s a guy that was interviewed by CNN that actually thinks Scott Walker winning his recall election was the end of democracy for The United States and especially for Wisconsin…Are the public schools up there really that poor?

Watch this and decide for yourself.

Yes, he is a little emotional and I can’t blame him one bit.  He probably just poured a great deal of energy, time and maybe even some of his own money into this.  Who wouldn’t be emotional after getting thrashed like that in an election, but please, at least get close to correct on your claims.

His numbers are slightly off, ok, ok, they are way off!  According to spending figures Barrett did spend only about $3 Million and Walker spent about $29 Million.  Here’s the oddly funny part to me, While Walker spent $29 million, he raised a little over $31 million.  Meanwhile, Barrett spent $3 million, although he raised a little over $18 million! Admittedly, a little over $14 million of the $18 million came from Unions and doesn’t show up on the short form for funds raised, but the fact is he still raised a lot more than the $3 million he spent.

Now, I’m wondering if it’s possible the Dems might have moved that cash into other races where they thought they would have a better chance to win?  Let’s face it, it really doesn’t sound right at all to raise $18.4 million and only spend $3 million of it.  Someone is lying somewhere.  It’s either about how much was spent, where it was spent or how much was raised.

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