The TSA is at it again!

The TSA is at it again!
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Hi and welcome back.   You read the headline and now you’re thinking “what does this have to do with America’s Next President or even the current President?”  Good question and I’ll tell you why I’m writing about it today.

The President of the United States has a cabinet, and one of the positions on that cabinet is Director of Homeland Security, under whose purview the TSA falls.  When the TSA screws up, it reflects, or, it should reflect, on the President, since he nominates and oversees the Director of Homeland Security.  Ergo, most of the petty and stupid things the TSA does “in the interest of safety” should be stopped, or at least drastically curtailed by the President via directions to Homeland Security.

Now, you’re probably thinking “What did they do this time that is so bad?”  Well, in San Antonio, Texas, they assaulted another citizen, only this time the citizen was a Congressman in whose district that airport sits.  Watch this video to see if you think the TSA agent was right to detain Congressman Francisco Canseco (R-TX) for pushing the TSA agent’s hand away from his groin…and then detain him again, exactly one week later?

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

Near the end of the video you may notice the newscaster says something about Rand Paul (R Sen. Ky) putting together a bill to do away with the TSA, and you might wonder about that.  You remember back in mid to late January of 2012 when the TSA detained Senator Paul and caused him to miss his plane, and therefore a vote on the Senate floor?  Here’s a video to refresh your memory concerning that incident.

Senators, babies, toddlers, elderly in wheelchairs, people with surgical procedures made to explain again and again, where do we draw the line or do we just allow another governmental bureaucracy to do whatever it wants to do and to whomever it wants to do it to?  And really, can you please explain to me what good these people (TSA agents) have done?  How many terrorist plots have they foiled?  I, like a lot of citizens, believe that number to be pretty close to zero and when taken as a percentage of total air travelers, it’s probably such a low number that it is statistically negligible!

I am fully in Senator Paul’s corner on this one, and really do hope he (and other Senators and Congressmen and Women) are able to dismantle the TSA and relieve the taxpayers of at least of the bloated and needless agencies run by our government, and our President.

So what do YOU think, should America’s Next President defend and expand the TSA or should he junk it and start over?  Let us know by leaving a comment below and we’ll see you again real soon,






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