The U. S. President and War

The U. S. President and War

Here on we try hard to reconcile today’s and tomorrow’s presidential actions with what the constitution allows and our founding fathers wanted for these United States of America.

President Obama speaks about Usama Bin Laden

Obama gives update on the UBL raid

In keeping with that theme, what do you think about President Obama and the recent developments with Usama Bin

Laden?  Do you believe the results were justified?

Do you believe the constitution allows the killing of persons like UBL?

Do you believe this is what our founding fathers wanted and is it what they would have done?

What do you believe should be done with the terrorists that attack America?

Do you believe the killing of Bin Laden will affect the 2012 Presidential election?

I see that according to the Pew Research Center, President Obama’s popularity and job approval numbers have gone up dramatically in the few days immediately following the raid and killing (02 May 2011 is at 56% versus end of April 2011 being at 47%).  Do you think this will continue and will help him in quest for re-election in 2012 or is this spike in job approval a short term, recent news type of thing?

What about the 3 Billion (or so) dollars Obama has requested for Pakistan in the form of foreign aid…Do you believe we should be sending foreign aid to so many countries that really don’t seem to be on the same page as The United States?

How will this action effect our national freedom and especially our personal liberty?

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