Tom Cotton Asks Why Can’t Obama Stop Terrorists?

Tom Cotton Asks Why Can’t Obama Stop Terrorists?

Arkansas Representative Tom Cotton (R) asks Why Can’t the Obama Administration Stop the Terrorists before they strike INSIDE America?

He points out that since Mr. Obama has taken office there have been at least 5 terrorist attacks within the borders of our country.  Mr. Cotton also points out that AFTER September 11, 2001, under the Bush Administration, No Terrorists were able to carry out their plans to attack any where in The United States of America!  Zero in Seven Years for Bush, Five in Four years for Obama…Yet according to Democrats, and especially this administration, it was Bush that didn’t know what he was doing??? 

I really did not care for some of the things that Mr. Bush did, especially the deficits he ran up, but Mr. Obama’s overspending and refusal to act as if he works for the people (ALL the People) and his refusal to adhere to his oath to Uphold and Protect the Constitution of the United States of America is really making George W. Bush look better and better all the time.

Once again, it would appear as if being a lawyer, professor and community organizer did NOT provide the best training for this position in our government.  The real killer here is that he was actually re-elected!  If it were not for a few Tea-Party Republicans in Congress putting the brakes on some of this administrations mis-steps and overspending, who knows where we would be now…or how many more terrorist attacks we would have already had…on our Homeland!

Listen to Mr. Cotton’s speech and let us know what qualities and qualifications you want in America’s Next President!




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