Voter ID Argument NEEDS to be Consistent With Other ID Requirements!

Voter ID Argument NEEDS to be Consistent With Other ID Requirements!
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Over at today there are a couple of blog posts about the new voter ID law in Pennsylvania.  If you would like to read them, here are links for them both The Most Orwellian Voter ID Ad You’ve Ever Seen  and 9.2 Percent of Pennsylvania Voters Lack Valid ID.

My take on this is the argument against voter ID laws is absolutely crazy given the fact that one cannot work in this country without valid ID and a background check of sorts (employers are required to submit your “papers” to the feds, who then are responsible for making sure you are “eligible” to work in this country.

One cannot open a Bank Account without a state issued ID, and a 2nd state or federal government issued ID!

Hell, it’s even next to impossible to cash a check written to you without a state issued ID!

One cannot fly anywhere on a flight originating in this country without a state issued or federal government issued ID!

In some states, one cannot even buy certain over-the-counter medicines without a proper, state issued ID!

In some locales in the United States, people have even been prosecuted for the crime of being in public without proper ID!

I say that the ability to work and support yourself and your family is slightly more important to the average person than the ability to vote.  And if you want to claim the “right” to vote, there are entire groups of people that are NOT ALLOWED to vote, when they in fact, do have a state issued ID.

You folks should stop flailing around with this “issue” and either make having to have an ID to travel, to work, to buy certain medicines, and the myriad of other items they are required for, go away, or accept the folly of your position and help all these people get their ID’s.

All I’m Really asking for is some consistency in the argument and in the laws/rules/mandates!  Either do away with the mandates that exist for ALL these things, or let’s create a mandate that an ID be required for the one of the most sacred of our rights as citizens…The right to choose the Lawmakers and the Government WE want!

Maybe this is just one of the things Americas Next President could take on and attempt to fix.  Let’s truly make it “Liberty and Justice for All.”

Well, that’s the end of my rant today, thank you for stopping by and spending a bit of your day with me today and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

S.C. Wilkinson



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