Where’s Al Sharpton and Barack Obama Now???

Where’s Al Sharpton and Barack Obama Now???

Did you hear about Chris Lane, the 23 year old Australian baseball player that was killed recently in Duncan, Oklahoma,  because three teenagers were “bored?”

I think it wasn’t so much that they were just “bored,” I think it was a combination of that and a way to make themselves and their gang look much tougher and stronger.  Here’s a newsflash, shooting someone in the back while they are jogging doesn’t make you tough.

Well, as it turns out, of the three, two of the assailants are black and one is white.  And one of the “suspects” had been posting all kinds of things on his Facebook page about his gang, his colors and how he hated white people.

Apparently, a 17 year old white person was next on their list, “scheduled” for later that night.  They were apprehended before that plan could be carried out.

Al Sharpton, Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey and others were pretty quick to jump in and on George Zimmerman and accuse him of racism in the Trayvon Martin killing, with no evidence of racism.   Even our President, Barack Obama, chimed in from the bully pulpit, on how he thought Mr. Zimmerman was wrong.  Where are the words from that same bully pulpit now, Mr. Obama?  Maybe America’s Next President will try a little harder to represent all the people in this nation, all the time.

Where are these same people now that another killing has happened with some evidence of racism!  I’m no fan of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, but I give him credit on this one, he did issue a statement condemning this killing and calling for a much better society, just as Dr. Martin Luther King did.   Thank you for that Mr. Jackson.

In this video, you’ll hear David Webb, Colonel Allen West and Juan Williams discussing the absence of voices from the left, some of the possible causes and their thoughts about the whole situation.  Rest in Peace Chris Lane, Rest in Peace.

As a result of this murder, gun sales in Duncan, Oklahoma have been very brisk.  Most of the sales have been handguns that could be carried on a person for personal protection.



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