Who do YOU want as Americas Next President?

Who do YOU want as Americas Next President?

Hi and thanks again for stopping by today!

I wanted to ask all that come here, Who is that YOU would like to see become Americas Next President?

Are you happy with Mr. Obama or do you want someone else?

If you want someone else, who do you want?  Or…

What qualities are you looking for in the next president?

There are several names being tossed around as possible challengers for the office, but none have confirmed they are running yet except for Herman Cain!

Is Mr. Cain someone you would vote for?  If so, who would you like to see as his running mate?

I know, I know, lots and lots of questions already and you just got here!  Well, let’s start up the dialogue by you registering and leaving a comment below.  If we start getting enough comments then we’ll install a forum (probably both a public and private one) so we can really get things moving along.

Remember, the 2012 presidential election is only 18 months away, so let us know what your thoughts are and together, maybe we can fix all the problems with the country starting with the president you want!

Thanks again for stopping by and we are all looking forward to reading your comments about Americas Next President!



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